Friday, October 7, 2016

Cleaning Windows

People clean windows in different ways using vinegar and water, newspaper or soap and water then wiping them with a dry cloth.  I must admit I've tried them all.  I even purchased a special squeegee at the home show that catches the drips.  The squeegee works not bad as its a quick fix if you are in a hurry but my favourite after any official cleaning is using the Norwex window cleaning cloth.  It leaves no streaks and I use it "after" my initial cleaning because I don't want to dirty my cloth.  I'm not a representative but I must admit....I love many of their products and the Norwex window cleaning cloth is one of my favourites.  I like the fact that you only use water with the cloth so it's an environmentally friendly method.  I know what you're thinking, "why not use just the Norwex window cleaning cloth" and not bother with the other steps.  Well....that's my hangup.  I like to always start a project with what looks like a clean cloth and if my Norwex window cleaning cloth looked stained in any way....well.....I have a problem with that.  Norwex reps would say, "who cares as long as its doing its job?"  I know but I just couldn't get the job done unless I do it my way.  So what's the moral of this story....clean your windows in whatever method does the job and what you can live with.  Happy window cleaning:)